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Проверка контрагента

Какую информацию дает проверка контрагента?  По отношению к компаниям проверяем:

— историю компании и формирование начального капитала,

— деловую репутацию,

— криминальное прошлое и связи,

— финансовую состоятельность и платежную дисциплину,

— схему аффилированных лиц и деловых связей,

— судебные процессы и конфликты,

— топ-менеджмент и основных владельцев и т.д.

— налоговую задолженность.

По отношению к персонам проверяем:

— криминальное прошлое и связи,

— профессиональную репутацию и отзывы с прежних мест работы,

— активы и доходы,

— конфликт интересов,

— причастность к группе рисков и т.п.

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Роман В. Ромачев

How much the scalp of a US soldier is

The CIA disclosed some state secrets to use them as a decoy

The New York Times (NYT), an influential American newspaper, published an article entitled “Russia Secretly Offered Afghan Militants Bounties to Kill US Troops, Intelligence Says”. Referring to their own sources in the US Intelligence, the authors of this article (Charlie Savage, Eric Schmitt, Michael Schwirtz) argue that Russian military intelligence (the Main Directorate of the General Staff of the Russian Armed Forces, the former GRU) was implicated in the deaths of US troops on a military mission in Afghanistan. It is also reported that to this end, representatives of Russian military intelligence established operational contacts with one of the groups loyal to the Taliban, whose militants used to kill American soldiers “for bounties offered by Russian operatives”. According to the NYT columnists, this information was obtained by US intelligence (CIA) “a few months ago”; however, it remained “motionless” as US President Donald Trump “did not know what to do with it.”

While the whole of Russia was deeply immersed in the war of words around amendments to the Constitution, on June 26 the CIA and the NSA launched one of the most accurately designed and impactful special operations, the consequences of which may be huge for Russia.

How it all started

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